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Title: That’s the spot

Medium: Stoneware with applied glaze

Size: 61cm (overall height) Bear height 47cm approx

Price: £550


Title: ‘Captured Attention’.   Chimpanzee

Medium: Stoneware with applied underglazes

Size: Height 26cm

Price: £450


Title:               ‘Doze’.   Red Kangaroo

Medium:         Stoneware and applied underglazes

Size:                 20cm height. 35cm length

Price:               £450


Title:         ‘Sweet Dreams’.   Western Lowland Gorilla.

Medium:  Stoneware and applied underglazes

Size:          Length 30cm

Price:        £450


Title:        ‘Nobel Warrior’.   Walrus

Medium:  Stoneware and applied underglazes. Slate.

Size:         Height 22cm. Length 33cm.

Price:       £450


Title:         ‘Float’.   Sea Otter.

Medium:  Stoneware with applied underglazes.

Size:         Length 45cm.

Price:       £450

ArtistMatthew Edenbrow

Matthew Edenbrow

Mathew is a self taught ceramic animal sculptor based in Llangeitho, Ceredigion. Mathew’s work draws upon his life long fascination with wild animals and the natural world. Each stoneware piece he creates is decorated with applied ceramic underglazes with the aim to capture everyday moments in the lives of animals. By exploring these moments he aims to provide insight into animal behaviour and how small, often minute changes in body form or expression can convey not only information, but also give insight into an individuals intent, motivation and emotional state. Mathew’s work is strongly informed by his varied life experiences with wild and domestic animals as well as his academic understanding of animal behaviour gained during, and after being awarded a PhD investigating animal personality. It was during the early stages of his academic career that Mathew came to fully appreciate and get excited by the complexities of animal behaviour. Mathew now draws upon these experiences to explore the beauty of the animal form and hopefully reveal something previously unnoticed to the observer.


Mathew was recently shortlisted as a finalist for The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundations Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020 as well as Creates Gallery Emerging Artist Award 2020.