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Title:          Presence (Bust Series)

Medium:   Stoneware

Size:            57 cm tall

Price:          £650

Title:         Presence

Medium:  Stoneware

Size:          57 cm tall

Price:        £380

ArtistAnn Goodfellow

Ann Goodfellow

Ann Goodfellow is a Ceramic Artist and Painter working in West Wales.  Initial training in Illustration provided her with drawing and painting skills which has always underpinned her artistic practice.  Further study in ceramics has enabled Ann to transfer the sometimes vigorous and spontaneous mark making of drawing to the surfaces of her ceramic sculptures which are normally based on the female form.  Regular life drawing sessions also inform her work and provide her with fresh inspiration.  Ann is also interested in the effects of altering scale within her work and how it alters the perception of the viewer.

She regularly exhibits in Europe and has work in many collections in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.